Welcome to the home page of "International Projects", which hosts a set of sites and services round the subject of sustainable development.

Sustainability, one of the most important issues of the 21st century, is a matter now taken seriously worldwide. The coordinator of "International Projects", Professor Walter Leal Filho, is a worldwide leader in the field of sustainability, both in respect of scholarly research, projects and publications. Working in Europe and in developing countries, he assists government and non-government agencies, as well as industry in pursuing the challenges of sustainable development.

"International Projects" provides a platform for the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) towards promoting sustainable development among different audiences. In addition, it looks at the issue of sustainable urban planning and sustainable building, combining case studies with dissemination of good practice.

"International Projects" is also associated with the "International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education" the world's first scholarly publication which specifically addresses the issue of sustainability as it relates to university life. This peer-reviewed and award-winning journal, is a further evidence of the level of maturity the sustainability debate has reached. Published by Emerald Publishing, UK.

Furthermore, "International Projects" supports the series "Environmental Education, Communication and Sustainability" which has broken the thematic barriers in respect of lack of access to specialised publications. With over 20 published volumes, the series contains best sellers such as "Environmental Protection and Sustainability at Universities" (1998), "Environmental Education for Sustainability" (1999), "Sustainability and University Life", "Environmental Communication for Sustainable Development" (2000), "Communicating Sustainability" (2000), Handbook of Sustainability Research (2005) and "Education, Innovation and Communication for Sustainable Development" (2006). Published by Peter Lang Scientific Publishers: Frankfurt, Vienna, New York.

The coordinator of "International Projects", Professor Walter Leal Filho, can be contacted at: leal@international-projects.eu.